QVC's Sweetheart

Gina is a Gourmet Food and Beauty Brand Representative who has appeared and launched major brand products on QVC, QVC2, QVC3, QVC Japan, QVC UK, and The Shopping Channel in Canada.  

With multiple product launches and presentations in both areas of food and beauty, 100 products, 1000s of appearances on-air, and over $1.2 million dollars in sales, Gina inspires her audiences with her knowledge, spontaneity, and big personality.

Gina started representing numerous Gourmet food brands on QVC in September of 2019 with multiple product sell-outs consecutively on the very popular Delizioso desserts, which she represented for the last two years.

Gina continues to inspire audiences and consumers with her motivating and exquisite delivery. 


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Gina's journey to QVC was not an easy one. For years, she would send QVC auditions tapes of her selling multiple products. In fact, she sent QVC seven audition tapes and after the sixth tape, she was told to not submit them anymore because they have seen her work, but Gina still didn't work there. However, she knew it was the perfect fit for her skillset. She was determined so she continued to persevere... and send more tapes.


While she was working at Tango Traffic, her friend told her that QVC was auditioning for guest hosts, so Gina made an appointment to audition. She did so well during her first audition round that they asked her to return. This is when everything changed. She was asked to come back and audition in the beauty category.  She was first given nail polish to demonstrate. Then, her second item was a bottle of WEN. Gina was so happy to talk about WEN at her audition because she had just started using it, thanks to her mom who is a hair stylist.


Gina shared all the benefits of using WEN and what it did for her hair. At the same time, the creator of WEN, Chaz Dean was looking for a local backup guest to go on for him when he couldn't appear. QVC matched them up and Chaz trusted Gina to sell his products.


In April of 2014, Gina was hired to represent WEN and share her love and passion of the products to viewers nationally and internationally, launching WEN in Canada on the Shopping Channel, which resulted in a sell out on the day as well as on QVC, QVC UK, QVC Japan and on QVC's 24 hour all beauty channel, Beauty IQ. Gina had a standing show on Wednesday called "Wen Wensdays". Gina represented WEN until July of 2019.